Private Consultations

Dog and Company provides in-home consultations for private pet owners, foster homes and rescue groups.  Travel fee may apply to some services. In-home consultations are limited to Southern Arizona at this time. We are not currently scheduling in-home appointments for Las Vegas but a telephone consultation may be available.

Placement Evaluation $220
Designed for individuals/groups that need an expert opinion on the best placement for an animal.  All placement evaluations are conducted in the animal’s home environment and include review of behavior history, in-depth interview with guardians, interaction and observation of animal and risk analysis of placement options.  Placement evaluations include a detailed written report that includes behavior history, observations and placement recommendations.

This appointment is also appropriate for animal guardians considering humane euthanasia for behavior reasons.

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Happy and Healthy Consultation $200
Are you a first time pet owner?  Unsure about how to foster a healthy relationship with your pet?  Too much information on TV and the internet about the right and wrong way to raise your pet?

Designed for pet owners as a preventative service to help ensure your pet remains happy and healthy.  Behavior consultations are conducted in the pet’s home environment and include review of behavior history, in-depth interview with guardians, and interaction with your pet.  Exercises to help keep your pet happy and healthy are discussed and demonstrated as needed.  Behavior consultation includes supplemental handouts and 30 days telephone and email support.  Appointment lasts approximately 2 hours.  Consultation also includes a 20% discount off of Jumpstart Package if needed in the future with the same pet.

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Jumpstart Package $375

Is your pet aggressive towards family members or other animals?  Does your pet suffer from anxiety?  Is your cat not using the litterbox?  These are some of the behavior problems addressed during a Jumpstart package appointment.

Designed for pet owners that are already experiencing a behavior concern with their pet.
The Jump Start package includes the in-home consultation, behavior assessment of your pet, hands on exercises with your pet, a summary report for your veterinarian, a written treatment report and 30 days telephone and email follow-up.  The appointment lasts approximately 3 hours and includes 1 month of telephone and email follow-up.

Follow-up sessions
In some cases, follow-up sessions may be needed to help maximize your pet’s success and/or to address any additional behavior concerns.  Each session lasts approximately 1.5 hours.
•    Individual follow-up session: $205 (30 days telephone and email follow-up)
•    3 session package: $500 (3 months telephone and email follow-up)
•    5 session package: $785  (3 months telephone and email follow-up)

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Telephone consultations may be available for some behavior problems – please contact us for more information


Dog Park Etiquette $150
Do you love the idea of the dog park?  Not sure if your dog is dog park savvy?  Not sure if you are dog park savvy?  This individual session is conducted at a dog park of your choice with you and your pet.  Dog park etiquette, rules and tips on how to be successful are covered.  Additionally, your dog (and you) will be assessed on whether the dog park is a good place to exercise and socialize your dog.  Session lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

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Choosing the Right Pet $75 per hour
The first step towards a happy and healthy relationship with your pet is choosing the right one for you and your lifestyle.  Dog and Company provides pet selection services that help you find the best pet to fit your needs, wants and household.  We can help you find the pet that will be successful in your home.
Ideal for households with small children, resident dogs, cats or other companion animals.

Not sure which appointment is right for you?  Email us and we’ll help you figure it out!