As a veterinarian, radio host, and pet owner, Dr. Crista Coppola is the first person I contact for any behavioral problem.  My name is Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch, and I have been a practicing veterinarian in Las Vegas for the past eight years.  I have been using Dr. Coppola for my hospital’s behavioral consultations for over three years.  Behavioral issues in pets are very complicated and most veterinarians don’t have the knowledge or time to effectively deal with these problems.  All of my clients have been very satisfied with the involvement and communication that Dr. Coppola has displayed and the positive behavioral changes are a credit to her work. 

Also Dr. Coppola is the behavioral expert and a regular contributor on the weekly pet health radio show I host in Las Vegas.  She is the most popular guest on our show and receives the greatest number of listener questions.  She has a distinct talent for explaining a complicated situation or subject in a way that everybody can understand and relate to. 

I realized how truly important having a certified behavioral consultant was when my own cat started to have inappropriate elimination in my home.  Dr. Coppola worked with me to determine some of the anxiety triggers that were affecting my cat.  After some simple but consistent changes recommended by Dr. Coppola in both the environment and our routine, the elimination problem was resolved. 

I think Las Vegas is lucky to have access to a behaviorist with Dr. Coppola’s educational background and talent.    I will continue to refer all my behavioral cases to her with the confidence that my clients are receiving the best care.        


We called Dog and Company after an incident involving our two cats.  We were so upset that the cats could no longer be in a room together without fighting.  Dr. Coppola did a home visit with us and our kitties.  She was very thorough and did a few exercises with us so we would know what to do.  It was amazing the difference we saw right away.  Dr. Coppola checked in with us often and always answered our questions and offered advice.  We like to call her “The Cat Whisperer” around our house.  We give her our highest recommendation.   Kisa and Bandit’s Parents – Las Vegas


Consulting with Dr. Coppola was as “good” an experience as I could have hoped for in such a sad situation. I especially appreciated her combination of professionalism, educational background and compassion. When overwhelmed with anxiety, guilt and confusion, she kindly reminded me of the facts, to help me think more clearly. Her responses to emails were always thoughtful and considered. Never for a moment did I doubt that I was working with a highly skilled professional.  Susan – Tucson


I recently met with Dr. Coppola because I was having a variety of problems with my dog Daisy.  Daisy is 6 years old and I rescued her from a shelter when she was one year old. I have dealt with the many issues that Daisy has for years.  I have been unsuccessful in managing her behavior. Daisy would bark aggressively at people when they would come to our house.  The barking recently got worse and she tried to bite someone who came to our house.  In addition to problems in the house I have problems on the leash when I walk or run with her.  She lunges at a variety of things such as people walking our running, bikes, skateboards, kids running, and other dogs.  Dr. Coppola gave me the tools to help manage Daisy’s behavior.  She also helped me understand why she does these things.  I have implemented many of the suggestions that Dr. Coppola gave me and they all have been very helpful in managing Daisy and her bad behavior.  I have much better control of situations that previously caused problems.  I am much better prepared on our walks/runs to handle most of the issues that previously caused problems.  She is a happier dog and I am a happier dog parent!  Cyndee – Las Vegas


The best thing about my consultation with Dr. Coppola was that she spent time listening to what my goals with my dog were and what I was and was not willing or able to do. She did not give me a treatment plan that I could not or would not do with my lifestyle; she was even upfront about that. After all, what good is a treatment plan if I don’t do it? Dr. Coppola was candid and honest as well as professional and understanding. If you are having behavior problems with your pet it is definitely worth it to consult with Dr. Coppola, the only behaviorist serving the Las Vegas area..  Crystal M. – Las Vegas


Dr.Coppola’s help in introducing a new dog to our existing doggie household was invaluable.  The presence of a professional during this process really helped lower our stress levels.  Renee – Boulder City


We recommend Dr Coppola highly. We rescued a Cairn Terrier we were told wasn’t that sociable. We have another Cairn we rescued a little over a year ago that’s the best dog we have had, also a very old dog we’re afraid we won’t have much longer.  Not knowing why our New Cairn lashed out we assumed her aggressiveness came from jealousy.  We sought Dr Coppola’s help after 3 weeks. Dr Coppola spent time with our new Cairn to assess her. The assessment disclosed a lot of fear rather than all jealousy. Dr Coppola gave us a plan and exercises with the pack and the New Cairn. After 2 weeks we couldn’t believe that was the same dog. We continue to utilize the written plan and advice Dr Coppola laid out for success.  Now for the most part we are all one happy family. We will continue to refer Dr Coppola to any dog owner with behavior issues. Thank you Dr Coppola we couldn’t have done it without you.  Cheryl – North Las Vegas
Dr. Coppola came to our house to help us with our dog who was extremely dog-aggressive.  A few months after our consultation we took our pup on a camping trip and in spite of being surrounded by tons of other campers, dirt bikes and ATVs, not to mention dozens of dogs, he remained calm and easy to manage.  He, of course, loved camping because he got to meet lots of people and play with new children and he was a perfect gentleman.  All in all, I’d say his first camping trip was a great success and we look forward to many more.  We owe his success to Dr. Coppola and can’t thank her enough for her help.  Sally – Las Vegas
We tried for years to solve our dog’s problems with aggressiveness toward other dogs, but it wasn’t until we found Dr. Coppola that we started to find the solution. Dr. Coppola quickly sized up our dog and demonstrated for us practical, positive techniques for helping him improve. Once a loner, our dog now goes on regular walks with my mother’s dog (who Dr. Coppola helped to pick out) – something we never thought could happen. I continue to be impressed by Dr. Coppola’s patience and honesty, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for help that focuses on positive reinforcement.   Adam – Henderson
Thank you so much to Dr. Coppola for her help with my little Contessa.  We worked hard on the assignments Dr. Coppola gave us and now she is a great little traveler.  She has even started falling asleep in the car!  I don’t know what we would have done without Dr. Coppola’s help.  Doreen – Las Vegas